Nest Classes are held Mon-Fri am.
All the classes are Optional, they are £7/each or £35/week. The fees cover the cost of  peripatetic staff, rm hire and equipment.

Jane Howard

All the children are taught elementary French on Mondays. The children are divided into two groups, those who have been with us for one year and the beginners. Jane only speaks to the children in French and employs a mixture of action songs, picture cards, repetition and fun guessing games, to prompt them and teach them the fundamentals. The children are keen to learn and love the challenge as at this age they have a natural aptitude for learning new languages.

Forest School
Amelia Horton

Amelia has trained with the leading British proponents of the Forest School Movement and is also a trained child counselor; she takes our children on a Magical adventure, where the children are connected to the transformative, inspirational and healing qualities of the natural world. They go on treasure hunts find out about the secrets of the earth, explore and play and gain a natural curiosity and empathy with their environment. They build dens, light and cook on fires, make wands, and gain an insight into the names and knowledge of the natural world.

Juliet & Linda

We love to cook at the Nest, and through the year all the children get to cook a wide variety of dishes, often linked into the curriculum or current topic. We make bread, butter, sandwiches, pizza, salads, cakes, vegetable and fish fritters, soup, smoothes, juices-elderflower cordial and lots of other seasonal dishes.  The children learn to recognize and name all the ingredients, and where they are sourced. We use the vegetables and fruit we’ve grown ourselves.

Trevor Christie

On Thursdays, Trevor comes in with 4 laptops, and a wide variety of educational games designed specifically for this age group. Children work in pairs, learning from each other and are guided skilfully between the games and menus, working at their own pace. As their confidence builds together they learn to navigate and solve problems, select and move between different interactive programs that can stimulate and educate. Dr Suez is a favourite, Pap Pap Zoo, and Lets make a Movie.


Sarah Williams

Sarah apart from being a brilliant teacher is very skilled ceramist. The children do two ceramic projects a term, they get to play with the clay and explore a variety of techniques, from pinch potting, slab work, coiling and mark making, and applying glazes. Their work is very much their own, and they have made some fabulous frogs, leaves, cress pots, Christmas candle sticks, the list goes on.

Drama & Dance/Gym
Linda, Sarah and Juliet

On Fridays we hire the large Lower Ground Hall for Drama & Dance or Gym. Here the children get the chance to run around and let off some steam, dancing and acting out scenarios that are taken from stories their exploring. It’s a chance to improvise, gain confidence, work in a larger group or team and develop a different set of listening skills. Songs and drumming practice take place and we also use the opportunity to develop other motor skills, using our gym equipment, bats and balls and parachute games.