A typical week at the Nest.

On Monday we had Inset, which we use to plan the curriculum, forthcoming events, organise staff training sessions, sort out equipment, etc, 

Tuesday we made potato fritters, the children had to pick the parsley and the remaining spinach from our garden, mash the potatoes, add grated cheese, pound the breadsticks into breadcrumbs using a rolling pin in a blue cup add that in, and then make two balls of potato mixture and roll them in egg and then the breadcrumbs, carefully placing them in the baking trays. 

We have also been looking at measurement and sorting objects into groups, using different criteria, so on Wednesday for Forest School, they had to measure the circumference of some of our favourite trees in Myatt’s field, with string and then find out how long it was. They had to organise themselves by height, and guess which tree had the widest trunk, and think about how old the tree was. 

Thursday Juliet went to Thomas’s Hospital on a Diabetic training course, and the children had computers and painted their ceramic life cycle clay tiles they’ve made with Sarah. The ceramics have been fired and then they used acrylic paint to paint them so they could identify the different stages of the butterflies life cycle. 

Friday they finished off the life cycles ceramics and played in their wet suits outside and practiced their singing for the end of term performance.


Nursery preschool SE5

Myatt’s park nursery

15 and 30 hrs childcare Brixton

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