Week 3: Chinese New Year 2023

TopicChinese New Year

Monday; The children made Lanterns with Joy and Angela got 

The children to copy the Chinese numbers 1-6 using black ink 

and a Chinese paint brush.

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Tuesday: For cooking we made Chinese Dumplings, just flour & water for the wraps & we cut up &mixed stir fry veg, bean sprouts, spring onion, chicken, prawns for the filling. We also made Rabbit drawings.

Wednesday: Linda & Joy made dragons with the children using a mixture of cutting skills & folding techniques.A picture containing colorful, doll

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For Forest School Angela  collected leaves with the children in Myatt’s Field Pk, for the Hedgeho pictures and we examined the Frozen pond and haw frost.

Thursday: We had Computers with Trevor and completed Rabbit 

Tanagrams an ancient Chinese puzzle format and had Gym downstairs.

Friday: We had Gym, then, acted out the Chinese New Year Story,

Of how each of the 12 animals got allocated to each year, Rat coming first with Sarah.

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The Year of the Rabbit 2023

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Chinese Numbers 1-6
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Chinese Dragons
A person and a child looking at a tablet

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Computer class with Trevor

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